Who We Are

Who We Are

Purser Corporate Communication offers a team of experienced and highly skilled consultants. Our collective experience provides trusted connectivity across business, community, government, and media. The Purser team is highly regarded for its ability to provide clients with integrated communication.

Ashlee Currie

Ashlee Currie


As the latest addition to the Purser team, Ashlee is looking to advance her business and professional skills.

She assists with office duties, but will eventually undertake a broad range of tasks as her experience and confidence develops. 

Ashlee placed first in her year for Mathematics in the 2016 HSC when she also completed Advanced English and Business Studies.

This all-round competency combined with her willingness to work as part of a team make Ashlee a great fit for Purser. 

As a HVTC trainee, Ashlee "earns as she learns" and the experience she is gaining at Purser will enable her to not only complete her Certificate III in Business Administration, but also lead to an ongoing permanent role. 

Certainly her excellent interpersonal and organisational skills already point to this and even at the fledgling stage Ashlee has much to offer to Purser's integrated approach for clients.





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