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How We Do It

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Case Study: Deadly Choices



The project:

Launching Deadly Choices

The brief:

More than half the local Aboriginal population is under the age of 25 and has one of the highest smoking rates in Australia. NSW Health figures indicate that chronic disease in the indigenous community is almost double the wider population. The Institute of Urban Indigenous Health (IUIH) in Brisbane was having great success with its Deadly Choices campaign and in 2013 Awabakal looked to sign a partnership to launch the program in the Hunter.

Our strategy:

Purser applied a full suite of communication tools to deliver a successful roll-out of Deadly Choices in the Hunter as a health educational and awareness tool. One of the key obstacles was the diverse and dispersed nature of the local indigenous community and its disengagement from health. Our strategy focused on pulling together our networks to form meaningful partnerships and attracting high-profile ambassadors to help get the healthy living message out into the community. The success of this campaign centred on two aspects; targeting families, and using rugby league as the conduit.

We also deployed a full media relations campaign, designed and placed marketing and advertising material including newspaper ads and billboards, and provided strategic communications advice.


Deadly Choices was launched in the Hunter with a strategic partnership announcement between Awabakal and the Newcastle Knights. This was an opportunity for us to promote the first two local Deadly Choices ambassadors, Timana Tahu and Tyrone Roberts. The experience from IUIH showed rugby league was a great conduit to spread the ‘A Deadly Choice is a healthy choice’ message. Timana and Ty proved to be phenomenal role models for young Aboriginal kids, and a Deadly Choices jersey was designed to for children and people in the community who engaged with the program.

The other aspect of the indigenous community that informed the process was the importance of family and women. One of the real keys to helping close the gap on indigenous health was to engage the Aunties in the community. The second phase to Deadly Choices was announcing a partnership with the Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation in Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A special-edition pink Deadly Choices jersey was developed for women who underwent a health check-up. Following this, Awabakal launched its Mums n Bubs Deadly Choices Campaign aimed at raising awareness and educating new families and expecting mothers on the importance of being healthy and being actively engaged in health.

Awabakal’s Deadly Choices had become an umbrella for a range of targeted and meaningful campaigns focused on delivering real health and education outcomes for the community.

Each of these Deadly Choices campaigns were backed up with community partnerships and engagement, events and media relations that enhanced the reputation of Awabakal as a health and education provider.

High quality media and advertising material focused on the key messages of the Deadly Choices campaign to quit smoking, eat well, exercise and have regular health checks.


The three months following the launch of Deadly Choices in the Hunter witnessed an increase in health checks at the Awabakal Primary Health Care Centre of more than 600 per cent. Awabakal’s reputation as a key provider of health and education services was greatly enhanced, demonstrated through its business and community leaders becoming regular media commentators on indigenous issues.

From this campaign, Awabakal was successfully positioned to continue engaging its community through a number of other Deadly initiatives, and was able to take advantage and secure better targeted government funding to deliver outcomes to the local Aboriginal community.


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