How We Do It

How We Do It

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Case Study: Report editing

Centennial Coal

Centennial Coal

The project:

2015 Sustainability Report (produced in 2016)

The brief:

Produce a glossy 16-page corporate highlights report. CEO’s message aside, it had to be ‘infographics heavy’ and incorporate a revision of colour use.  Must inclusions were the company’s vison, mission and values; a business snapshot; key events by month; progress towards its Vision 2020; mine-site overviews; and a map.

Our strategy:

We had produced the 2014 Sustainability Report so we were well aware of what worked and what needed improving. We also knew Centennial was confident in our abilities and judgment. From one meeting with key Centennial decision-makers we formulated a clear production process and view of how the publication should look. Centennial lacked a repository of quality photographs and we knew ‘people’ would be a key ingredient, so accumulating pictures was an important part of the strategy. With the emphasis on infographics and illustration, working closely with our graphic designer was also crucial, especially in formulating a workable, effective colour palette. As opposed to the previous year when Centennial provided a massive amount of copy that required time-consuming editing, for the 2015 Report words were kept to a minimum. An important part of the strategy was improving the content flow from Centennial to Purser to graphic designer and back to us.


Purser consultant Darrell Croker accompanied photographer Andrew Monger on underground mine visits to Mandalong and Lithgow and accumulated an extraordinary portfolio of Centennial employees. We ensured Centennial provided its information and picture choices in timely fashion, which in turn allowed our graphic designer more time to tinker with infographics. The previous year’s edition required many proofs due to an inefficient information flow and toing and froing with edited versions. We improved that production process enormously and the only big change was reordering of pages. This was no impediment to the production process because the pages had all been completed well before schedule. Centennial had a timeframe and an idea of how it wanted the report to look. We took its ideas, and added our own extensive magazine production experience to achieve both.


Centennial Coal was extremely satisfied with its beautifully rendered 2015 Report. The pictures and illustrations ‘made’ the report and years of publication experience came to the fore to ensure a ‘classy’ publication. The report is aimed at employees as much as working as a promotional resource for Centennial. Feedback suggests it well and truly hits the mark in both cases.


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