How We Do It

How We Do It

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Case Study: Business Improvement Associations across Newcastle

City of Newcastle

City of Newcastle

The project:

Create a new Business Improvement Association (BIA) framework for the business precincts of Newcastle, Wallsend, Hamilton and Mayfield within the City of Newcastle.

The brief:

Purser was appointed through a competitive tender process by the City of Newcastle in August 2019 to develop a management plan for a new framework that would enable the dissemination of a special business rate in four business precincts. The rate is collected by the City of Newcastle with up to $100,000 provided to each of the four BIAs for the purpose of beautification, promotion and economic development.

Our strategy:

Purser aimed to create a framework that enhances collaboration, cooperation and communication within each precinct, the businesses (also known as members) within those precincts, other peak business organisations and importantly the City of Newcastle. The strategy is supported by our deep understanding of the region’s business community, its strategic connectivity and delivery of appropriate business advisory services.


Our approach began with the development of a strategic stakeholder mapping process with City of Newcastle and the call for expressions of interest for individuals who might eventually become part of the BIAs. This included initial consultation meetings with interested members within each precinct.

Purser then established a communication plan that enabled the formation of Associations. This work included consultation across all BIAs and the City of Newcastle as well as developing all requirements for incorporation with the NSW Government and the ATO, development of constitutions, business and operational deliverables plans, governance and ethical protocols, and developing strategies for each precinct to ensure eligibility for funding agreements.

This process also revealed that some additional support in governance for not for profit organisations would add great value to the BIAs and their board members. With the support of City of Newcastle training was made available to all BIA members from the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD).

Transparency and timeliness are key to ensuring the ultimate success and continuance of the new framework and the key local roles of the BIAs. PCC has, in partnership with the Economic Development team, the wider teams at Council and its elected members, implemented new protocols that promote collaboration and conversations which enhance business in the city.


As this case study was being drafted, the world was dealing with the effects of the Covid-19 crisis. Purser moved to utilise its extensive experience in crisis communication and issue management to help the BIAs plan for what will inevitably be a recovery and restoration of the city’s business sector. The consultancy will continue to use its links the BIA’s with as many external entities as possible to ensure the best outcomes.

To date, the successful and consistent approach to a new BIA framework has delivered a full suite of business and communication resources which provides a central point of contact that is agile and flexible to deliver accurate and timely information, consistent key messaging and effective BIA functionality.

The BIA’s across Newcastle are in strong position to engage with members and improve each precinct’s effectiveness.


Integrated communication strategy, day to day administration, meeting management, maintaining insurances and association registrations, guiding BIA’s according to their governing documentation, and ADHOC tasks. Purser continues to facilitate communication between BIA members and outside parties.

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